Rope Talk from the Rope Shop | Part 2


As most of you know, this is a crazy, busy time of year for the rope shop and for ropers practicing for the big upcoming events. Lots of ropes are being made and lots of ropes are being used! In our second segment of Rope Talk with George McQuain, we asked for tips on the proper way to break in and store ropes for longer life expectancy, quality, and integrity.

What is the best way to break in new ropes?  

George: “The general rule is to rope 2 or 3 steers and put them up for a few days — the longer the better in my opinion. I like to let mine set a couple weeks, but at the minimum I would say a couple days. If not the life expectancy of the rope will be much shorter.”

How should ropes be stored for maximum amount of use?

George: “I think as long as you store them somewhere it is not hot or really humid they should be fine. As far as eye position, you just want to make sure if you store them in your rope bag that eye is straight and not jammed in there where it could make it turn one way or the other. A lot of people like to lay them out in big coils on the floor of their tack room or in their house, but I think as long as they are in there normal coils or bigger it is fine either way.”

We hope these tips help with your routine and remember that SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS!

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