We could not be more excited to announce that after a year of hard work and perseverance, we are proud to say that we will be expanding our inventory to complete our rope line. The MoneyMaker®, Classic Gold®, XR4®, GT4™ 35′, Striker™, Viper™, Jr. MoneyMaker®, Zoom™, and RK4™ are now back to production. Quantities are limited, but we are working tirelessly to get inventory built back up! We want to thank our employees for their countless hours of hard work in the restoration process, and our customers and dealers for the utmost patience and loyalty.

Team Ropes

The team roping line is now complete!


The MoneyMaker is in a class of it’s own. The first blended rope and most popular three-strand earned its reputation thanks to a heavier body, less bounce, and a more consistent feel.

No other rope is more proven than the original Classic Gold. Its first-grade nylon construction has a fast feel that still provides quickness and consistency.


The “true” XR4 is back and is the original four strand team rope with a core. Increased weight and body enables better tip feel and helps the delivery become more accurate.

The Rattler GT4 35’ “true” is the four strand rope with lots of body, that is optimal for consistency and staying open.

Kid Ropes

With the Xtreme being our first kid rope released, we are happy to say that the Zoom™, RK4™, and Jr MoneyMaker® are back!


The Zoom Kid Rope rope is designed for young ropers or serious dummy roping competitors and is optimal for long reaching loops. The Zoom is slightly smaller, with the same four-strand Coretech™ used in the regular team ropes.

 The junior version of the Classic MoneyMaker, the Jr. MoneyMaker  has the same fast, smooth, easy handle feel at a convenient smaller size optimal for junior ropers.

The Rattler RK4 is the most technologically advanced kid rope on the market. The four strands of poly around the Coretech™ core provides a better tip feel with more body which is advantageous to young ropers developing their swing. Assorted colors available.

As we mentioned above, we are working as fast as we can to get inventory built back up, so we are asking once again for patience as we get your local dealer’s inventory. To take a look back at our journey that has brought us to this point since please visit!




For Contact:
Hannah Haugen








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