Get the Most out of Your Classic Rope

Classic Rope is proud to provide you with the highest-quality ropes on the market. We value every rope we build and we want them to last as long as possible. Below, find some of our tips and tricks for seasonal changes, rope storage and how to increase the longevity of your Classic Rope.

1. Weather

In the past, you may have noticed some differences in the feel of your ropes depending on the weather. Weather changes can tighten or relax the fibers in your rope based on temperature. To adjust for this, our ropes are manufactured based on the season to ensure consistency in feel and quality. All that is necessary on your end is to purchase your ropes seasonally and store them at room temperature for best-keeping.

2. Storage

Though you may not realize it at first, how you store your ropes makes a big difference in how they feel and how long they last. Classic has a large selection of rope bags available to fit your specific needs. New in 2019, the Super Deluxe Rope bag has enclosed and padded rope compartments to keep up to nine ropes separated and tidy. Along with the rope compartment, the front zipper pocket stores gloves, rubber, your phone and whatever else you can fit.



Coil your ropes as big as you can and place the hondas on top in the correct position. Avoid overfilling your rope bag, as this can cause unnecessary pressure on the eyes (causing them to turn), as well as causing coils to bend or kink. As mentioned above, store your ropes in a cool, dry place at room temperature for best results.


3. Breaking in Your Rope

When a rope is first used, the fibers are stretched and pulled apart, causing your rope to soften. After roping two to three steers, your new rope should be coiled up and left to rest for 24-hours. This time allows the rope’s fibers to return to position and set the molecules within fibers, giving the rope strength. Roping too many steers with a new rope over-stresses the fibers, prohibiting them to take a set. This break down of fibers is what causes the rope to lose its body and feel. By simply allowing your rope to rest, you increase the longevity of your purchase.

We hope these tips and tricks help you get the most out of your Classic rope! It is important to us to provide the best quality ropes on the market and we believe these tips will help you keep your ropes in top condition. 

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